Experience Design
I started my career with a love for visual design, but quickly shifted my focus into the creation of engaging, interactive digital experiences. My background mixes deep product and service design with elegant design systems and brand strategies. 
Many of my job titles in this field have been variations of Design / UX / Creative Director, before expanding into more strategic roles including Executive Director and Co-Founder positions. 
Good design is functional, but great design is emotional. Because of that, solid Research & Strategy are essential to the design process. 
Research & Strategy 
The creation of great or meaningful digital experiences requires an in-depth understanding of audiences, customers, and employees — and how they all interact with the world around them. 
Meaningful and measurable strategy comes from aligning business goals with human wants and needs, and then balancing those against available and emerging technologies. 
My projects typically begin with quantitative and qualitative research to identify actionable insights and engagement strategies before moving into design exploration and delivery cycles. 
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